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Animal Spirit & Medicine Wheel Readings in order to give guidance of how one has parted from the trail of their spiritual journey & how to get back on the right path. These readings give guidance of how to remedy emotional imbalances that are keeping one from progressing on their spiritual path. The readings also bring forth powerful messages from our Grandmother & Grandfather Great Spirits.

Sensing Consultation

As an intuitive, I can sense the aura of the body and determine where negative energy & emotion exist. A report will be provided that will assist you in metaphysical affirmation healing & guidance.

Seminars & Retreats

As a member of the "Wolf Clan" I am a teacher & communicator by nature. I can teach at seminars as well host retreats in the beautiful Big Bend of Texas; the home of my ancestors. Below is a link to view video regarding the Big Bend.

Medicine Man & Shaman Mark White Eagle

Of the Shoshone Nation 

(575) 910-0849

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