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Understanding “CREATIVE SPIRITUAL ENERGY” & How It Relates To MONEY

Our Native ancestors understood that EVERYTHING was of ENERGY. You have to look at the human “energetic” physical body as if was a battery. So what happens to a battery when you give it too much “negative energy” . . . it goes dead. So what about too much “positive energy”; it too will go dead due to the over-charge. A battery simply will last longer when the energies are “balanced”. Our Native teachings tell us that we must have the “darkness” (negative energy) in order to dive deep into the inner emotions in order to transform it into the “light” (positive energy).

For example, while I was speaking about some issues that I was passionate about in public, a few people overhearing my conversation stated I was too aggressive with my behavior. It hurt my feelings, but I only allowed myself to carry that emotion for a few minutes. For our teachings tell us that there is a “lesson” to be learned by the “dark” experience. It allowed me to reflect and realize that there are times I can be “passionately loud” when speaking; so I have learned to “tone” things down a bit which I feel the experience has allowed me to “transform” myself into becoming a better communicator. So I ask the next question . . . how many people would cry, get angry, dwell, or even want to get even in this same scenario? This is what the Natives refer to as giving your POWER away.

Our ancestors knew that this was a CO-CREATING universe & that the GREAT SPIRIT will manifest through us by the works of “thy hands”; which is why they used a “barter & exchange” system. How is that people are attracted to certain things such as art or fashion designs and they just can’t get enough of it? They don’t understand it, but it is in the “positive energetics” of its creator. So if we create our masterpieces of art while being angry & our thoughts only planting weeds, what do you think the people will FEEL while being around us and our creations? Could the famous artists of the RENASSAINCE have understood these teachings?

When you learn to take the journey of life with “ease” of living in balance, you find you will increase your “spiritual intuitiveness” and receive your ancestral spiritual gifts of “visions” and the gift of an “empath” who is one who can sense the energies. For it is these long-term practices that connect one to the “spiritual realm” and how Native healers receive universal knowledge of the healing herbs & etc. Albert Einstein was known to have meditated as much as 8 times daily, where he referred to his experience as going to the “Ether”. All “true” Native healers are empaths for it is how they sense “negative energy” within a person’s physical body that has manifested into sickness or disease due to “emotional pain” related to grief, abuse, and wartime trauma. A Native Healer can literally feel the PAIN of another as well as their “negative emotions”. For I am always amazed by the ignorance of those who call Native Medicine Men witch doctors; for it is their long spiritual journey of walking in the highest vibration of love & compassion that has earned them their powerful spiritual gifts.

A practice that was used in the Roman & Greek eras was that due to the hefty taxing under the Crown; people would sell their “labor” of future works of thy hands which is how BONDAGE or enslavement of the people was created and how “spiritual energy” became representative of money. Land conquerors who came for the gold & silver of the lands of the Natives quickly replaced their “Exchange of Energy” system for a “Monetary” one. The United States created this same scenario over 40 years ago when the country went bankrupt; which at that time they created bonds (debts) on the backs of every American in order to create the “fiat money” system that is in play today. In regards to our Native teachings, when someone has a heartache it is because they have squeezed the love & joy from their hearts due to they can only think of possessions & money. One can only take a look at the definition of root of the word “POSSESS”ions to see the truth in it all. Has this society that keeps everyone over-taxed, filled with stress & worry in regards to “human survival” gone too far. So with the American monetary system being in the RED in regards to “human value” spiritual energy; why are we using it? And could it be that this country is just “Spiritually Bankrupt”?

Our Native ancestors understood “spiritual energy” in regards to EQUITY & INEQUITY as it is written in the ancient text of the bible. For to them it meant you just can’t be a “taker” and not a “giver” to the ONENESS of humanity. So for those who are using “worthless” money today as a form of “charitable giving” rather than by the works of “thy hands”; where does that fall under spiritual energy?

Under the “Barter & Exchange” system of our ancestors, everyone knew their place in the “Tribal Society”. For everyone contributed to the society with the “skills” they were best at. It was a society that provided “abundance” for all where no one ever went hungry. Elders were respected for their “wisdom” and the entire society mentored the CHILDREN of the tribe for they knew that the children were TOP PRIORITY for their survival of their race. The women who could no longer bare children were honored for they could teach & share their wisdom with younger mothers. And the Medicine Man & Women were available to all.

When will communities come together & try to create solutions for “broken” educational systems & children going to bed hungry at night rather than sit back waiting on corrupt Governments & their worthless dollars. Could it be that for the “salvation” of the human race; we all might just need to go back to where we all started from? And could it be that by doing so, humanity could create a second Renaissance. 

A Storm is Brewing! Can You Feel It?



Living in the rural territory of the Big Bend along with its magnificent landscape can cause one to “check out” in regards to what is going on in the rest of the world. But eventually after listening to public radio, or surfing the internet; does one finally realize that something terribly wrong is going on with planet Earth. It has become obvious when 800+ year old dormant volcanoes are erupting on every continent, as well as historical record breaking earthquakes, solar flares, tornadoes, & hail storms are taking place in astounding numbers. Massive deaths of whales, fish & eagles have also been covered in recent news. And let’s not forget to mention how we as humans have been feeling fatigued & stressed. Could it be all the “Super Moons” & eclipses that are affecting the human body just as it affects the tides of the ocean? And with the Schumann Resonance of planet Earth increasing as well as a quantum weirdness taking place in our Universe; what does all this mean for humanity?

With all that said, how far will the human race let the destruction of the planet go before the consciousness of humanity wakes up? Are we a race of people who has become so consumed with our own inner desires of materialism, lust & ego that we have become accustomed to giving our responsibilities to Governments to do everything for us? Could this be why most of humanity today lives in an ‘illusion’ & lacks the perception of how our Universe truly works?


As a descendant of the lost “Tribe of Bidais” the oldest known tribe in the Big Bend of Texas, it is my mission to teach the many people who have never understood their connection to our Earth Mother and to all her creatures in order that we open a doorway of the consciousness of humanity for those who seek the ONENESS of all life.


How did it come to be that humanity started living by the “Laws of the Jungle” where it is about survival of the fittest & everyone out for themselves? How was humanity separated from the “Laws of Nature” where we must walk in “Balance” on our Earth Mother in order to have the “Spiritual Connection” with the Great Spirit, & to the ONENESS of all creation? DNA researchers have proven that the same DNA strands of humans exist in every tree, plant, and animal that exist on planet earth, therefore are they not our relatives? So if the definition of BALANCE is where every living thing must have equal & proportionate station that the Great Spirit has entitled them or otherwise it will fall; would that not include the others? Our Native ancestors understood that Mother Earth was the bride of this law. They also understood that as humans we are symbiotic with our Earth Mother and what happens to her also affects us. Our ancestors knew that the flowers, plants, and trees stand still seeing everything. Moving things, like travelers today only see what they want to see. And what if by chance they see something rare, and of beauty such as the miracle of a flower? They pluck it for their momentary pleasure and then it dies. Nothing can exist without the simple motionless fauna that is bound to the Earth; meant not to move, but rather serve life in various ways as food, and air to breathe. Always just taken for granted, always taken. Could this be “Judgement Day” for humanity?


How did the human race lose connection to this ancient knowledge? It appears we can find answers to these questions by looking at past history for it appears to have started with the “Land Conquerors”. For was it this dark past in history that left descendants as a people with no identity & the inability carry forward their ancient teachings? Every war ever fought was over land & its resources which led to much blood being shed on this “sacred” land. Our ancestors lost their way on their journey of life forgetting that it is about learning lessons through times of darkness in order to obtain higher spiritual growth & knowledge. Their failure in learning those lessons which is described in our Native prophecies as having “freewill choice” to take a left path or a right path. With the left path being one of anger, vengeful, & carrying war in their hearts versus the right path of love, compassion, and forgiveness. Is it possible for humanity to realize that we cannot change the past, but only work on the future and that we can only change this world if we allow change to begin within each of us first?


Could it be that humanity has forgotten how to LOVE? Our Native Ancestors understood that in order to survive in the wilderness that there was no place for “I”, but only “WE”. Their 3 basic principles to their survival where as follows:

(1) Unconditional commitment to humanity.

(2) Equal regard to another’s well-being.

(3) Passionately being of service to others including making self-sacrifices.

They understood the mysteries of the universe and they knew that LOVE was of the highest power & that FATE, & DESTINY is decreed by higher forces, by the will of the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit of the Creator moves in ways that are of wonder and defying explanation. The mystery is not to challenge but to find faith in the hearts and souls of flesh & the mind in the physical world. Faith is the purest of strength without ego . . . for faith moves Mountains. With it there is a guiding light that takes us home, a home where we come from, where we go to, where we find our peace and absolution.


To understand the concept of “Medicine” in the Native American culture, the word must be redefined for it is anything that improves the connection to the Great Spirit and mysteries to all of life. This includes healing of the body, mind, and spirit. This medicine is also anything which brings personal power, strength, and understanding. It is the constant way of living life that brings healing to our Earth Mother, its creatures, and to our family of humanity for it involves walking on the Earth Mother in harmony with the Universe.


Our Native Ancestors knew that “Gratitude” was a way of life. Medical Researchers today have discovered that the HEART has thousands of neurons with small strands that connect to the brain. Gratitude has proven to be the most powerful emotion for the heart & brain to connect to a higher intuitive state that allows the body to heal itself. DNA researchers have proven that “emotional pain” weakens the DNA that makes us susceptible to disease. Our ancestors believed that Heart problems meant that we had lost all joy & love in our lives and only focus on money & possessions. Could it be that humanity has become “spiritually bankrupt”? Could this be why our Native prophecies tell us that how we survive these end times of cataclysm will be by the condition of our hearts? A Medicine Man is chosen by the Great Spirit who has been given the spiritual gift to use the energy of the Great Spirit to bring forth healing of the physical body. One must then come FULL CIRCLE and dive deep into inner emotions in order to see their own darkness from within so that they may transform it to the light. Tribe members out of gratitude would give the Medicine Man their most cherished possessions for when they healed themselves, it too brought healing to Mother Earth.


Could it be by “Divine Order” that in order for humanity to find salvation that we are being forced to evolve into “higher spiritual beings” or otherwise we may not survive? Our ancestors understood that even the very words we speak carry an energetic frequency & that negative energy could be transferred to one another with hateful words. Could all the pain & sickness in the world be in order that we as humanity may FEEL what it is that we have done to one another? And could this be why ancient text says that negative emotions such as jealousy will rot you to your very core? It seems that karma works instantly in these higher Earth energetic frequencies.


Our ancestors used “Ceremonies of Gratitude & Sacrifice” to bring forth HEALING to their tribes, humanity, and Mother Earth. For HEALING to them was a WORK OF ART where they took native pride in dance, music, color, sound, art & astrology. It was not uncommon for an elder to give away all their earthly possessions in order to lead by example for their youth and to remind them that the most beautiful things of this earth are free. They also used the sacred plants for smudging, blessings, and cleansing baths as a time of meditation for healing & balancing of the energy chakras of the body in order that they may stay in balance. Beating of the drums was used for it was symbolic of the heartbeat of their people synchronizing with the heartbeat of our Earth Mother.


For the definition of INDIGENOUS PEOPLE is anyone who has historical ties to the land. So as the “NATIVES” of the Big Bend by which the law grants us to exercise our ‘INDIGENOUS RIGHTS” regarding our spiritual ties to the land, could we not create a HEALING RETREAT (a work of art) for our Earth Mother and to our brother & sisters of humanity? And by this demonstration of spiritual connection under the law, we can then tell the Pipeline companies & etc. to get out? Could it be possible that we could lead by example for the rest of the world by assuming our responsibilities to the ONENESS of all life; for a “true” shaman’s journey only begins when one is willing to walk away from their old life in order to create a new one?

Has humanity created their own reality of HELL here on earth; and if so can they alter their state of consciousness in order to create HEAVEN? Could this be what the meaning of the phrase “As is above; as is below” is all about? In Indian legend as well as modern day geologist have determined that the Big Bend is the “true” four corners based on volcanic eras with the Davis Mountains being the “true” base of the Rocky Mountains. Could this be why the Big Bend has every geological formation in the world? Native legend is that the Big Bend is the belly button of Mother Earth and that in these times a re-birthing of humanity will take place. Could this be why Native prophecy states it will be the safest place to be in these cataclysmic times? Can we not follow in the “spirit” of the legendary pioneers of the Big Bend by honoring the goodness of their lives & by walking in WISDOM of learning from their past mistakes; while becoming the legendary people we were meant to be? If this relates to your current beliefs & views and if would like to become a part of this ‘Healing Revolution” please contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 432-244-8422.

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Physical & Spiritual Healing

DNA research has shown how past ancestral emotional pain has created weaknesses in our DNA which makes us highly susceptible to cancers and the like. Albinism is known to be such a case of extreme ancestral emotional pain. This explains why the Native people today only live to have half of their life expectancy. Only by healing our inner emotional pain can be build our immune systems. As well as grounding to our Earth Mother has also revealed powerful DNA mutations in the blood. Shamanism is a "way of life" that teaches us how to alter our state of consciousness in order to find our way out of the "shadow" world of misery & suffering so that we may enter the "true" world of love, joy, beauty, & balance.

Spiritual Bathing Healing 

Spiritual bathing is a time for oneself well-being & health. For it is a time of meditation & prayer; therefore the mood must be set in advance. This is done by using candles, incense, and oils. The baths themselves are made by Medicine Man White Eagle whose recipes date back to our ancient Egyptian ancestors.

Crystals & other powerful stones can also be added to the bath that assist in clearing the body of negative energy. These baths can also be done outdoors as well for our Father Sun is powerful in assisting in removing negative energy from the body. Numerology is used in how many times we dunk our head under the water and etc. The most effective spiritual clearing bath takes between 2 to 4 hours.

Spiritual bathing experiences:

People have many experiences while “Spiritual Bathing” for example if a woman has been sexually assaulted she might experience the need to bare down like in child labor for several minutes while the negative energy that was left behind by the rapist is expelled from the womb. Any pain experienced takes place while the negative energy is leaving the body. After the bath, many people have stated that they feel as “Light as a Feather”.

Emotional Pain Healing

How life journey has been one of great suffering. We are all given the free-will choice of choosing the left path vs. the right path. Unfortunately we have all had our share of that left path of feeling unloved, or made to feel worthless & insignificant. A "spiritual journey" allows us to be like a snake that sheds it's old skin in order to leave the old behind and become something "shiny new". It is an amazing journey that shows us how truly loved, worthy, & highly protected we are. It truly is a time of evolution for humankind to leave one old world behind in order that we may create a new world that will allow us to create a "new renaissance" era.

Medicine Man & Shaman Mark White Eagle

Of the Shoshone Nation 

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