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As it is written in Native Prophecy, when humankind is at is's greatest turmoil; the lost Native Tribes will step forward & bring ancient teachings & knowledge in order to help their brothers & sisters of humanity. Our intention, as shamans and healers is to begin a process for many people who have never understood their connection to our Mother Earth & to all her creatures.

To open a new doorway of consciousness for those who seek the Oneness of all life. Our understanding of how to properly take the "spiritual journey" on life's path is a very powerful journey which teaches us to "walk in balance on the Earth Mother". The "native spirit way of life" brings empowerment, strength, peace, harmony, and leads to one's soul purpose & destiny; which leads to spiritual fullness, well-being & health. The Native Spirit Way of "medicine" is anything that improves one's connection to the "Great Mysteries" of life which brings healing of mind, body, & spirit. When we heal ourselves we heal our Earth Mother as well; therefore we must first allow change to begin within each of us.

Understanding the ONENESS of life

Living in Balance & Harmony with our Earth Mother

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 Summary of Our Teachings

Coming Full Circle

A Spiritual Journey begins when one chooses to walk away from their old life in order to begin a new life. Allowing the Universe to guide while learning how to separate the "shadow world" from the real world. The Native Spirit Way is to travel to the underworld in order to see one's own inner darkness of emotional pain. This is necessary in order to heal the inner spirit & bring out one's true spirit of divine grace & inner strength.

Being Spiritually Clean

Living spiritually cleans means to let every decision you make be based upon whether or not it will enhance your spiritual life. It does not mean we have to be perfect, but it is about self responsibility, discipline, & choosing the right path that brings you to your highest spiritual growth. It is a Native way of life that includes using spiritual techniques to cleanse the body & our environments of negative energy in order that we maintain our highest power of peace, love, balance & harmony.

Connecting to Sensing Abilities

As one learns to live "spiritually clean" our bodies will become more sensitive to energies. We teach how to sense energies around you as well as the energy of others. For it is important to keep your personal space free of those who only bring negative energy for they will only pass pain & sickness upon your energy body. Sensing increases one's intuition which will even allow you to feel the emotions of others & even tell you if someone is being deceptive. Our sensing abilities are for our protection.

A Life of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is essential in the Native spirit; for it is our belief that the Creator is in the very air we breath. For it is an emotion of showing appreciation for what we have rather than focusing our attention on what we do not have. Starting each day with what your "grateful" for tends to set the tone for the rest of the day as well as increase one's compassion, kindness & strengthens the immune system.

Meditation & the Great Void

‚ÄčLearning to properly silence the mind by stopping the wheels from turning & learning to listen is how we connect to the spiritual realm as well as the Great Spirit. One can and cannot be as one thinks one is and yet what we bring with us will light our way within the nothingness. We teach daily spiritual meditation practices in order to maintain peace, harmony & balance with Mother Earth & the Oneness of unity consciousness. These techniques clear the body energy aura & bring strong protection.

Herbal Medicines & Organic Foods

What we put into the ground Mother Earth gives back. Therefore anything other than natural herbal formulas & organic foods are considered a form of pharmakea (dark energy). A Native Medicine Man who has walked a long spiritual path of living life in the highest vibration of LOVE has earned many spiritual gifts from our Creator. It is our belief that our Creator manifest through us by the works of our hands. This is the explanation to why a Medicine Man's herbal formulas are more powerful energetically than other health food store formulas.

Spiritual Bathing

Spiritual bathing with healing herbal formulas, natural incense, natural candles, & essential oils are powerful cleansing techniques. It is giving oneself time for meditation & prayer especially if one is experiencing emotional turmoil. It removes the "negative energy" of emotional pain which is stored in the emotional body that can manifest to disease, pain or sickness. Spiritual baths also provide detoxification of our bodies against the current parasites caused by environmental extremism.

Our Hidden Energy System

Our hidden energy system within our body allows us to tap into it's power in order that one can keep themselves healthy, happy, & in perfect harmony. Opening the doors of emotional pain within the energy system is how we release fear, jealousy, discontentment, & etc.; but replace with courage, self-esteem, and true happiness & contentment in life. Operating with the higher energy vibration within our body makes us healthier, more successful, & attracts others into our lives who carry the higher vibration.

Smudging & Blessings

The Native way tradition is to use a powerful cleansing technique of smudging which calls on the spirits of the sacred plants to drive away negative energies & restore balance. It is the art of cleansing yourself & your environment using simple ritual & ceremony. Smudging can be dramatic & helps banish stress & attract love, soothe you or give you energy.

Grounding ‚Äčwith our Earth Mother

Grounding with the power of our Earth Mother is how one connects to the Great Spirit and to the unity of consciousness of the ONE. It is how we tap into the magical & mystical side of the spiritual realm. It is how we walk in the "super natural" with our Creator. It shows us how we are all connected & how we would be "nothing" without having each other.

Connecting with Animal Spirits

Animal spirits are here to guide & teach us how to be intuitive and how to seek the truths of nature. When used in silence the animal kingdom opens up a new world that speaks to you in a magical & mystical way. The Native Spirit tradition tells us that we have 9 animal totems that are to guide us throughout our life. By focusing on our animal totems attributes we are able to externalize the very character from our animal guides therefore achieving our spiritual goals.

Connecting with the Mineral Kingdom

It is Native tradition that each crystal is linked to a spirit & used in ceremonies to harness it's power to bring healing, protection, & knowledge. We all have special stones that are special to us for bringing balance, peace, harmony, & healing that are based on our inner frequencies associated with our "zodiac" birth signs. Birthstones also provide protection against negative energies which is why our ancient Hebrew ancestors used them in breastplates & everyday attire.

Ancestral Bloodlines

During your spiritual journey information is revealed to you regarding your ancestral bloodline & what clan you are a descendant of. This is necessary in order to understand your soul's purpose. For a "wheel of life" has been completed here on earth; we are truly ONE family & ONE tribe of humanity. It is time for an "evolution" of humanity. For constant change is part of our Universe.

Spiritual Gifts

We all have unique ancestral spiritual gifts. As you continue a "spiritual journey" your ancestors will guide you & reveal your gifts to you if they be visions, high intuition, prophetic visions or telepathy. Only at certain levels of spiritual maturity are your gifts given; for one must be responsible with their gifts for under "spiritual law" they are to be used to only help humanity & not for self gain.

Using Astrology

Our Native ancestors understood that astrological alignments of the celestial bodies of planets affected earth as well as influence on human affairs & the natural world. It is important to follow the energetic's of astrology & how they can assist one on their spiritual journey. It is a great tool to help benefit your spiritual growth.

Using Numerology & Symbols

 Numbers are the language of nature, and each number holds a specific meaning & significance as well holds it's own vibrational energy. Numbers help us know of our life path as well as what planets are associated with them. The Universe speaks to us in many ways even using synchronicity and symbols of all types.

Ceremony & Rituals

It is of the Native Spirit to practice ceremony & rituals for many reasons. The most common is the solstice celebrations which bring honor to ancestors, belief systems, & brings connection in a magical form to offer prayer & gratitude. Ring of Fire ceremonies on a New Moon is a way of letting go of one's old beliefs of self in order to become someone new which is part of a re-birthing process.

Understanding Creation

It is our Native Spirit tradition that everything is of Creation. Every stone, plant, tree, and animal has a spiritual force. There is no conception of our nature & ourselves being separate. We are all relatives in spirit; so crystals, herbs, plants, & animals can become our friends & teachers. Even some can become powerful totems & allies. Even in times of darkness lessons are to be learned. You cannot have light without darkness.

Connecting to Universal Knowledge

Have you ever wondered how the Natives knew which herbs to use & what they were for. When learning to connect mind, body, & spirit your higher self guides you on your journey as well as your ancestral spirits and the Great Spirit of our Creator. This is truly a co-creating Universe full of knowledge, wisdom, & adventure for those who learn how to tap into it.

Souls Purpose & Destiny

When one is ready to make a self-sacrifice for the common good of all; then a "mission" is assigned where it is necessary to complete a deed in which you are "spiritually" led. The completion of this mission then leads you to fulfill your destiny & may include a "quest" depending on one's spiritual hierarchy. 

Spiritual Death, Rebirth & Transformation

This is what is referred to as a Shaman's death. Upon returning out of the Underworld where you saw your own inner darkness & turned it to the light do you go through a "crucifixion", and then a spiritual death. For 3 to 5 days it is a time of solitude & reflection of the journey. It is then we see we are the "creators" of our own misery by choosing the left path of our journey. It is where we surrender to our Creator and choose LOVE, PEACE, & HARMONY. A "resurrection" takes place of someone new. A childlike spirit who can only see beauty around them as well as hope, passion, contentment & a love for life. Heaven does exist here on Earth!

HEALING doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.

Unknown Native Author


Animal Spirit & Medicine Wheel Readings in order to give guidance of how one has parted from the trail of their spiritual journey & how to get back on the right path.

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Sensing the aura of the body to determine where negative energy & emotion exist. A report will be provided that will assist you in metaphysical affirmation healing & guidance.

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Seminars / Retreats

As a member of the "Wolf Clan" I am a teacher & communicator by nature. I can teach at seminars as well host retreats in the beautiful Big Bend of Texas; the home of my ancestors.

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